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final master performance / work in progress

“The World is populated with relationships, not things or identities.” Báyò Akómoláfé


othering the fascism/fascist in me

it is the other, the one more this, more that

I don't connect to strong fascist stereotypes as a liberal

it is not the group i want to identify with, even though I profit from the current power distribution and violence

it shakes the person, the good person

the action of separating oneself from the violence is not a question of the good person doing it in order for other good persons to connect

if a good person is acting violent we as good persons exclude them from the good persons group

rather than questioning the concept of a good people


what if violence, language, actions are not a person

what if we learn to stop the habit of identification

which learning would be possible


to see socialization as interconnected and interacting, but not an essence of a being

we are none of these things. we are being a stage for them.

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