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Jaguar Concert

Jaguar Concert, cutting up a car with two angle grinders in a four hours free jazz jam session.

When I was a kid, the cars in my neighborhood were sacred to their owners. They still are. Germany's leading industry is the car industry, with 436.2 billion euros in sales in 2019. By cutting a car into pieces, we make sounds with the so-called German symbol of prosperity. It is a concert, an act of destruction, reconstruction, a demolition with angle grinders, a guitar, a drum set. It is an act of re-creation when parts of the car become part of the percussion and the different languages spoken coexist in friction, intertwine and feed each other. The Jaguar and I have the same year of manufacture/birth.

Concept / angle grinder: Anna Kuch
Car / angle grinder: Hans Neumann
Voice: Linda Mund
Drum set: Flo Fischer
Guitar: Max Heimler
Saxophon: Christopher Kunz

Premiere 2017, ZEFAK Nuremberg

Jaguar Concert
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