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Comment ça va, nasara?

(engl. How are you, white person?)

theatre piece

On white supremacy and the normalization of Whiteness.
A performance following white narratives about the African continent. They may have changed over the decades to more liberal narratives, the acts of dominance and violence remain. A reduction to the supposedly known, constantly contributed to. By gathering and layering material from the past, present, and future, the phenomenon of white complicity, white narrative, and racist thought patterns are situated, marked, and taken apart through the means of mapping, dance, live drawing, and spoken word.

by and with: Anna Kuch, Meera Theunert
Music: Martin Baumgartner
Outside Eye: Ewelina Benbenek

Light: Sönke C. Herm
Videosupport: Sirwan Ali
Language: German / French
75 minutes

supported by we present
Premiere 15.11.2019, LICHTHOF Theater Hamburg


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