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Ewe Benbenek, Nesindano Namises, Meera Theunert, Anna Kuch

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Performative Archiving / Women* in German Colonial History in Namibia

Research and performance between Windhoek, Berlin, Hamburg and Brussels
by and with Ewe Benbenek, Nesindano Namise, Meera Theunert, Anna Kuch

2021 scholarship flausen + residency Theaterwerkstatt Pilkentafel

The project explores strategies of performative archiving in the context of the history of German colonialism in Namibia. Performative archiving means that the process of archiving can only take place critically if there is interaction between people and the archived objects. The core of the project is to develop ways of performative archiving in the context of interrogating alternative narratives, especially those of women of German colonial history in Namibia. In doing so, we also assume an expanded notion of object that includes the material and immaterial realms. Sound, oral narratives, mentalities, and movements are considered objects, to name a few.


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"Project.Detachment" is the archaeology of today. It is an artistic attempt to recollect and reconstruct lost stories. This project analyzes the possibilities and potentials of different practices such as online performance, visual art, music and experimental filmmaking.

Online performance between Brüssel, Teheran, Istanbul and Stockholm

Premiere 2021 reconnect festival

Performer: Anna Kuch, Ali Kargari, Çiğdem Erdöl, Sadaf Ahmadi

Artistic Director and Dramaturgie: Amir Mohammad Mohadesi, Maryam Hashempour, Shaghayegh Ansari, Sina Aghazadeh

Music: Danial Farahbakhsh


Language: English, Farsi


Alice Igina Giuliani

E gira tutto intorno alla stanza

Video work by Alice Igina Giuliani

Dancer: Naama Shoshana Fogiel Lewis, Pierre-Louis Kerbart, Zoe Hagen, Anna Kuch, Eli Mathieu Bustos, Géraldine Haas, Ine Bonnaire, Florie Laroche

2021 Premiere De Markten

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Tianyu Gu

Die Bedingte Welt

2020 Premiere Teatro Dimitri

In this work, expectations and desires for life are expressed. A monologue in which I tell my story. After the death of my grandmother, the "SAMSARA / Reincarnation" became my conviction that urges me to continue the path of my life.

Final Master piece
Creation, directing, text, scenography, costume: Tianyu Gu
Actors: Tianyu Gu, Anna Kuch
Music: Anna Kuch, Quiyue Jin
Light: Christoph Siegenthaler


Afsaneh Salari

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We don’t like to be called “refugees” - Hannah Arendt in Paris


A film by Afsaneh Salari

A cinematic meditation on Hannah Arendt’s Paris years as a refugee escaping Nazi Germany in 1933.

A collaboration between We Refugee Archive and Docmaniacs Collective.
France & Germany | 8’ | Creative Documentary


Script: Afsaneh Salari
Camera: Joëlle Abou Chabké
Text: Miriam Schulz
Narration: Anna Kuch
Sound Design and Mix: Hirad Alavifad
Edit: Afsaneh Salari
Original Music: Taha Amadeh
Animation: Saba Nasiri
Accordion: Yvan Navai
Translation: Miriam Schulz
Featuring: Abu Zubier Md Mirtillah, Kareema Al Asadi, Azhar Al Bu Salih

Meera Theunert

A customer's journey

Sorry, Baby! I really didn't want to pull the wool over your eyes, but somehow someone has stirred the domination principle into my cereal again. I can't think of anything else: work for love, love for money, money for war. Business as usual. But believe me, nothing compares to you. You are still the best match. If someone would put me in front of the choice: Domination, wisdom or love, I would always choose love.

Actors: Adele Vorauer, Anna Kuch, Amanda Babaei Vieira, Fabian Thon
Texts: Franz-Xaver Franz
Direction: Meera Theunert
Stage: Laura Robert, Anna Armann
Costumes: Paula de la Haye
Dramaturgy: Leon Frisch
Music: Martin Baumgartner
Assistant Director: Jonathan Karim

Premiere 22.02.2019 Kampnagel Hamburg

Final Bachelor piece supported by Lambert-Fonds der Hamburgischen
Kulturstiftung, Alfred Toepfer Stiftung, Rudolph Augstein Stiftung & der ZEIT-Stiftung



Varietée Klanghotel Rössli

2018 / 2019 / 2020, Zurich

as puppeteer and comedienne
with Masha Dimitri, Phillip Galizia, among others

Meera Theunert

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TOUS CONTRE TOUS (engl. All against all)

by and with: PODA B. Brice, Dionou Nadine, Anna Kuch, Gaël Lusala MAVAMBU, Nana A. Fahissale, SOMA Mamadou, ZONGO Tipoko
Concept & direction: Meera Theunert
Stage & costume: Adja Samandoulgou
Choreography: Jean Jaques Bassole
Light & Sound: Gouem Mohamadi

During the 30 seconds I was in front of you, you made a judgment call on me.
Even if you don't know me, you think you know who I am. You've decided to listen to me or not. You have decided the importance of what I am going to say, before I said it. You decided on how intelligent my words will be, before I pronounced them. You classify me on the shelves of your point of view. I have a place in your world. I don't care where that place is. It's a place that has more to do with you than with me.
But if you truly let me enter that space, that place, that box, that you prepared for me in the 30 seconds I stood in front of you, it would be untenable. It would be unbearable. I'll blow it up with a loud bang. The confusion would be limitless. Chaos.

Student project II, HfMT Hamburg/ Ecole Supérieure de Théâtre Jean Pierre Guingané, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Premiere 01.03.2018 Espace Culturel Gambidi, Ouagadougou

Tereza Slavkovská


Her Nature
by Tereza Slavkovská


The performance consists of a combination of fragments of true stories related to moments of change in the lives of different women. It is an exploration of the soul of women, their bodies and their voices.

When I grow up...
...I will protect my children like a wildcat. ...I will retrace the experiences of my ancestors. ...I will have a motorcycle. ...I will not care about people's expectations. I will be a warrior who fights for herself....

Dancer: Tereza Slavkovská, Anna Kuch, Jazmina Piktorova, Anna Conková
Outside eye: Anna Gromanová
Light: Christoph Siegenthaler


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Antigone - Fragmente eines Mythos (engl. Fragments of a myth)


2016 Premiere Teatro Paravento, Locarno
Tour in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and France


A young woman stands up and says NO to the ruling power and its laws. A current interpretation of the ancient myth of the rebel Antigone
in the interplay of text, movement and dance.

Actors, dancers: Franca Burandt, Fiona Carroll, Alexandra Gentile, Ivan Georgiev, David Janelas, Anna Kuch, Aude Lorrillard, Vita Malahova, Diana Meierhans, Angie Müller, Sara Uslu
Directed by: Christian Seiler
Choreography: Andrea Herdeg
Costumes: Deborah Erin Parini
Light and Sound: Alberto Barberis


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Clowns without Borders Switzerland

Founded in 2015

Clowns Without Borders Switzerland is an association gathering performing artists, clowns, musicians, dancers, play workers, play specialists, social workers and intellectuals concerned by the world in which we live in. Inspired by the work of CWB International we have as main objective to encounter populations, especially children in distress living in areas of crisis across the world. Throughout our interventions, we create spaces to heal from traumatic experiences caused by war or displacement, bringing laughter as a form of humanitarian aid to people living in the gravest, most disaster-stricken and war-torn zones of the world.

“Laughter Is The Shortest Distance Between Two People!”


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