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To our daughter.
And the generations to come.

Right now I am in the last weeks of pregnancy. Two more to go to the due date. It has been a whole journey with our daughter. Physically, socially, mentally. Like learning to navigate a boat, or sometimes a nutshell, on the open ocean.

Where are you going on your boat?, a friend asked.

It surprised me. Maneuvering from one wave to the next was how I had dealt with the ocean during the last months. The notion of how I experience and look at time changed. Referring to the beautiful work of a friend, which emphasizes the past being what you know and thus before you, and the future being what you do not know yet, and thus behind you. As the baby in the last stages of pregnancy, if all is fine, positions herself with the head down and back towards the front, she looks backwards. She looks back into the future right now.

Let's follow her gaze and look at what has passed fusioning with what the future might be. In the frame of this thesis we will bring together elements of past performances, past images with thoughts and images of today, melt them with cultural studies, reflections, propositions and open questions for the future behind our backs.

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