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Die Würstchen der Wahrheit

(engl. The sausages of truth)

„Stelle dich dem Regen entgegen, laß die eisernen Strahlen dich durchdringen, gleite in dem Wasser, das dich fortschwemmen will, aber bleibe doch, erwarte so aufrecht die plötzlich und endlos einströmende Sonne.“ /

"Face the rain, let the iron rays pierce you, glide in the water that wants to wash you away, but still remain, so upright await the sudden and endless inflow of the sun." Franz Kafka

Inspired by the reality of Samar Badawi, Saudi Arabian activist for women's rights and her brother, Raif Badawi, blogger. Both are committed to open debate on religious and political issues in Saudi Arabia, taking on violence and condemnation from the Saudi state to do so. It is a piece that questions the relationship with people in power. It raises its voice. It is a manifesto to empower an impossible fiction.

Concept, masks, interpretation: Anna Kuch
Text: Wolfram Lotz, excerpts of the „Rede zum unmöglichen Theater“
Puppetry: Vinzent Gisi
Double bass: Fiona Carroll und Isabel Rößler
Light: Christoph Siegenthaler

Final piece Bachelor of Arts in Physical Theatre 2016 Accademia Teatro Dimitri

Gratitude to Wolfram Lotz and the team

TalenThesis 2016 Best Bachelor
First Price 2018 Giesinger Kulturpreis
Award of the public 2018 Giesinger Kulturpreis

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